Fatal Mistakes of the Canadian Traveller

I’ve heard every stereotype there is about Canadians.  From asking how much daylight we get to assuming we live with 11 months of snow, foreign travelers are notorious for being culturally presumptuous.  But they aren’t the only ones making mistakes. Our clean and nice image is on the decline.

I call on Canadians to try a few things while traveling to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable, and to leave a positive impression on the places we visit.

Stop forcibly telling people you’re Canadian – If people ask, tell them.  But repeating the fact that you’re Canadian is obnoxious.  The maple leaf on your bag is usually a dead giveaway. Not sure you can tell? Here are the best ways to spot a Canadian

Avoid making assumptions – Yes, we do it too. Just because someone is American doesn’t mean they’re rude or ignorant. Get to know them before judging.  These are mistakes other travelers make about us.  So let’s avoid doing it to them.

Be nice to other Canadians – So many times people would say to me; “Oh, have you met John? He’s Canadian!”  To which I would receive a chilly handshake from a guy from British Columbia who wanted to be the only Canadian in the room.

Embrace the local culture – Eat the food, take a chance, even if it’s scorpion or kangaroo. It’s good, I’ve tried both. Avoid the luxuries we know. That’s why you’re there in the first place right?

When in Bangkok:

These are just a sliver of some of the cultural faux pas’ I’ve witnessed.  In my ongoing blog, I hope to help right the ship for how Canadians are viewed.

Want more blog? Here’s a list that includes some of my favourites! http://www.tripit.com/blog/2014/01/15-must-read-travel-blogs-for-2014.html

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